We are a brother-sister team living in Chicago.
does the animations. She does everything else.
We both think real violence is bad, but fake, animated violence can be funny.

New animations are added as often as possible.
You can find all of them on our YouTube channel:

All the music in the videos is by Moist Ladies.

As soon as we get finished animating all the current match-ups, we are going
to let people vote on who should get added. So keep an eye out for that.


Why does Abraham Lincoln always win?

There are two reasons we decided to let Abraham Lincoln win every time.

1) Lincoln is our favorite president (with the possible exception of our current one) and we felt uncomfortable letting him get his butt kicked, even if only in animated form.

2) We thought it would be funny to watch him take on zombies,
giant squids and all the rest -- without ever taking off his stovepipe hat.

How do you know who would win in each match-up?

Basically, we just make it up.
But we do so after consulting our friends and thinking about it way too much.

After we complete the animations for the first batch of fights,
we plan on letting people vote on what the outcomes will be for any future match-ups.
But even then we reserve the right to choose a different outcome if we feel like it.

If you feel strongly that we made the wrong choice, you are welcome
to send us an email to tell us why we should change it.
If you argue your case eloquently enough,
we might open it up to a vote on whether the outcome should be changed.
But don't count on it.

Why did you make this site? What is the point?

We just thought it would be fun.




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